Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SEX appeal and beauty!

What is beauty?

There are people in this world that have become the symbols of beauty. There are plenty of sex symbols in our society! From the Swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.... (Not much more that an excuse for thousands of me to purchase year-long subscriptions in the name of Basketball to get that one issue full of boobies)  to Maxim, to Playboy and Hustler. But what are they selling?

Beauty and Sex are so far removed from reality, that I cannot even put it into words! Selling SEX is easy. Everyone from Coke to 10 cane Rum sells their products with busty broads and six-pack sporting male models in low slung bikini thongs or board shorts.

And don’t get me wrong.... The offerings from Conch Republic Bikinis are more than stellar.... In-fact, I keep sliding the wife her “Zipper Kini” on Friday nights... But that word “Beauty” has so much more meaning than big boobs and six-pack ab’s!

Thank god for me.... And HUNDREDS of craft beer guys around the nation, that there are people who see beauty in the most unsuspecting places!

Huge beards, bald heads, thick rim glasses and beer bellies may never make the pages of SI... But I say "Screw ‘em! "

For my money... I’ll take a woman... Like Kahuna’s Chick that sees beauty in a fat man with a big heart!  It just means so much more than a rock star with a rock hard..... abdomen!

Real men like real beer and just the same, real women, they are neither thin nor flavorless. We don’t leave you wanting something extra... We leave you thinking... Damn!

Today I want to share with you the vocal styling of a man who was neither thin nor flavorless. His appearance is more than enough to turn LOTS of simple minded idiots off, but to me, with my limited exposure, and inability to say I’ve ever met him, strikes me as one of the most beautiful people to grace this fine planet!

Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole (IZ) is a Hawaiian original. A one of a kind. And a beautiful voice attached to a beautiful person!

His life, his music and his personality all point to one thing.... Love. Take it for what it is, enjoy it, and make it your way of life!

I would give all that I have in this world, short of my wife and kids, to share a beer with this salty man of the islands and just BS with him for a while!

Dying at the age of 38, the world suffered a huge loss on June 26, 1997! At 700 plus pounds... This giant of a man leaves this Kahuna feeling more like a scraggly ass leprechaun than a Kahuna!

I choose to believe that his body died because his beauty and personality became too large for his tiny body!

Even his funeral, the scattering of his ashes, was featured in the video of “Somewhere over the rainbow.” Can any of us hope to be immortalized like this? I can’t!

Please enjoy these videos as we soak in a small part of what Oahu has to offer!

Look for more Hawaii posts to come forth in the near future on BKB!


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Anonymous said...

You gotta love Braddah Iz. A troubled man and an amazing talent. First Hawaiian to go platinum! Gone far too soon. Aloha

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