Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cherry For the Summer!

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping in!

I hope your week has been awesome enough to get you through the last few days till the weekend!

Easter Sunday turned out so nice here at the Kahuna House that I just had to wast a bit of time outside with a good brew!

Today I’ll share it with you!

We have Samuel Smith Organic Cherry Ale. Certified USDA Organic and weighing in at a whopping 5.1% ABV,

This little beer pours a red amber color with a very thin and whispy pink head that dissipates quickly.

The nose is mostly cherry with a hint of malt.

The cherry flavor comes through from the start. There is just a touch of tartness as the brew slides down the throat. There is a touch of wheat flavor hiding somewhere behind the cherry, but it’s tough to detect unless you’re looking for it.

I wish I could go on and on about the flavor profile, but it’s kinda simple. It’s just a tart cherry flavored beer. Warm or cold, it’s quite quafable, and I can see myself enjoying several more of these thorough the summer.

A perfect beer for a perfect spring-time afternoon in the sun!

This one seems pretty well available in Colorado, I’ve seen it at most of the larger liquor stores, and several of the stores with smaller craft beer coolers. So if you enjoy cherry juice... Err... I mean... Fruit beer, I would certainly advise you pick one of these up for an afternoon in a lawn chair.


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