Saturday, April 13, 2013

Great day on the bay

Next to the positive comments from readers, travel is one of the best parts of being a blogger! Nothing compares to the joy a reader brings when they let you know that what you write about brightens their day or inspires them, but the beaches of St. John certainly come close.

We had a great opportunity to stay as guests of the Concordia Eco Resort last weekend, and we were so stunned at the beauty of the location, the quality of the staff and our rooms that we figured a quick video to say thanks was in order.

Shawn from Coastlines and Tanlines and I made this video last Sunday from the beach at Great Lameshur bay.

We hope you enjoy the video and check back later when I get my complete thoughts about the Concordia streight and on paper! 

Thanks for stopping in!


1 comment:

Jeff said...

One small correction for Shawn, there are Crickets here on islands, but more than likely the high pitched night time noise around you Eco-Cabin were being made by the local Geckos. They are quite similar to sound only...great video

The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
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