Thursday, April 25, 2013

Morning Smoke

The Life of A Blogger.... What’s a man to do?

As a “Good Times” blogger, I am often charged with the duty of eating great meals, traveling to amazing destinations, drinking Craft Beer in the mornings and sharing my limited knowledge of rum with you. It’s a hard life, but I know that you are all waiting to see what’s next! You are my inspiration!

As much fun as that all is, I know that you all understand that I am also the guy that works in the fields, mends the fences, helps the wife with the real business that keeps us afloat and drives kids here and there, all while trying to have enough fun to share with you!

 Not much in this world grounds me the way a good cigar does. A simple stick of hand-rolled tobacco simply has a way of bringing me back to the important things in life, like not much else can.

When I set fire to the foot of  a quality, hand rolled imported cigar, I am taken back to a simpler time! It’s a strange thing to say, but my world almost becomes black and white. I can almost feel the Humphrey Bogart hat on my head, and I can honestly see the crappy old film grain through my sunglasses!  I feel like a combination of Ernest Hemingway and Fred Astaire. Life takes a step back and I take another puff!

I recently responded to a Facebook request from Thompson Cigar Company and found myself in possession of a Toro (6x50) Nicaraguan beauty called Magna Carta.

This is a long-filler, Habano wrapper, hand rolled cigar is manufactured exclusively for the Thompson Cigar Company.

It’s medium strength rating had me somewhat confused, as the wrapper looks pretty light to me.

As with anything that I want to get a truly accurate taste test on, I sparked this bad boy up first thing in the morning. Long before my Chili Dog and Malto-mints could destroy my palate for the day.

The first thing I noticed about this cigar was its construction. The overall appearance is flawless. The cigar is quite even from foot to head, and shows no signs of wrapper damage. There are no scrapes, scars, splits, dings or dents to detract from it’s beauty. It is evenly firm and exhibits a slightly oily sheen on the wrapper. So far so good!

Smelling this stick, fresh from it’s cellophane reminded me of my days sniffing out the best cigars during the 1990’s cigar craze.

A simple earthy, cedary aroma made me smile from ear to ear.

Once I set fire to this stick, I was surprised at how mild and clean it was. Earthy flavors sprinkled with a touch of black pepper keep me smiling, while the woody, outdoorsy character keept me intrigued for what is to come.

Becoming a touch stronger in the second half, the peppery notes crescendo just before giving way to a complex leather and wood character that is still ultimately mild and enjoyable.

Toward the end, I was delighted to find dark chocolate, vegetal fullness and perhaps a touch of coffee. Keeping in mind that I could have been craving coffee at 9 a.m. And this may be all my imagination.
This cigar left a great impression on me, and as luck would have it, served quite well as the first cigar of the day!

I would say that the strongest attribute to this cigar is it’s construction. It was able to hold a 3” ash and never threatened to make a mess of my shirt from dropping ashes. It is evenly constructed and beautiful to look at.

That said, the flavor and aroma compare well to cigars easily double the price, with three times the pedigree and 10 times the media hype!

I can very easily see this smoke making its way into my regular rotation.

Matter-of-fact... I may need to go order a few now!

Have a great rest of the week.... I hope you find something great to smoke!


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