Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rum and Contemporary Cuisine

It's a pretty rare occasion that I end up calling something "revolutionary."

I don't mean to be sour about things, but seriously, I just think pretty much everything has been done!

One way or another, there isn't much new floating around these days!

Today, I have the great honor to show you something that I believe is a truly revolutionary product!

Rum and contemporary cuisine, by Carlton Grooms and Geoffrey Blythe is a new book on the market that became available for preorder last week, and is available for purchase now. Click HERE to download the book!

But this isn't just any book, it's an iBook. And not only is it an iBook, it's a cook book! And not only is it a cookbook, it is a cookbook with VIDEO! Built right in! No Internet needed, well... Except to download the book in the first place! 

The author, Carlton Grooms has been involved with several great and exciting projects since I've known him. He is just one of those guys that creates things that help others enjoy life!

You may remember the "Go2theKeys" app I was using in September from some of my twitter posts and four square check ins. That was another one of Carl's projects, and unique in its own way, but this book may change the standard by which all other cookbooks are measured!

I have been slightly less than a complete fan of the Kindle App and other e-book formats,  since I first got an iPad several years ago. I definitely am one of those people who like the tactile feel of a paper book in my hand.  That said, I have been reading 10x more on the iPad Mini than I ever did with paper books.

While most “E-Books” are very convenient and allow me to carry multiple books around without looking like a complete nerd with a backpack that weighs 25 pounds, they are fairly single sided.

This book eliminates that problem.

Rum and contemporary cuisine is completely interactive! It’s part cook book, part cooking show and completely awesome!

The book is divided into chapters like “White Rum” “Gold & Dark Rum” “Aged Rum” “Premium Rum” “Spiced and Flavored Rum” “Over Prof Rum” and even has a chapter that is just notes about the different rums that are used in the recipes.

When you open a recipe, you get a beautiful photograph of the finished product, accompanied by an audio file of Grooms describing the rum used in the recipe. His insightful comments and intriguing stories about the rum are worth the price alone! But as they say on TV... Wait There’s More!

Turn the page and the full recipe appears with yet more of the world class photography that this book will surely become known for. And as if that were not enough, there is a full HD quality video of the recipe being prepared.

Because it is self contained and does not rely on the web for the audio and video, the book takes full advantage of the iPad’s lightning fast response time making for a seamless transition from audio to video and back to the recipe.

I must admit that I have not actually cooked any of the recipes from the book yet, but thanks to the descriptions of the rum, the very familiar ingredient lists and the insightful video, I’ve tasted several in my mind! And I’ve started a shopping list for rum!

Whether you are a fan of food, love rum or just like pretty things, this book is for you!

I look for many other books to follow this format in the near future, so pick up the original ground breaking cookbook Rum and contemporary cuisine today!


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