Saturday, April 6, 2013

Transatlantique Kriek again

Last summer, as I was par-oozing my way around the world of Kriek beer, I brought you a bottle of the first rendition of Transatlantique Kriek from New Belgium Brewing.

Read up on that article HERE.

At that time I mentioned to several people that I wished it were available again. Fortunately for beer drinkers the world over, the fine folks at New Belgium are, as always, a step ahead of the game.

Partnering with Frank Boon’s Brewery in Belgium, this 2 part ale traveled quite a distance to become one damn fine drink in my glass! 

Pouring a bright ruby red with barely a lasting touch of head, the aroma is bright, sweet and funky. Dominated by cherries and that wonderful brett-like funk that New Belgium Sours are known for.

Flavors of golden malt and a medium-sour flavor lay a grand basis for a floral cherry tartness that really comes together at the back of the mouth.

Further sips, and some more warming of the beer reveals some earthy depth to the beer that is usually reserved for brews that are far thicker and darker than this.

There are flavors from this beer that are a bit surprising to me. There are flavors that very much resemble a hearty brown ale. Roasted grains and oak, and a mossy complexity that is only enhanced by the funky horse blanket thing.

The finish is soft and quick, with not a lot of residual sourness.

I will admit to having paired the second half of this beer with ham, mashed potatoes, corn and abut half a gallon of my wife’s super salty, extra greasy Ham Gravy, known far and wide as the best ham gravy in the house!

The thin texture, the bubbles and the mild acidity cut through it all and worked as an amazing palate cleanser.

I believe this beer would pair well with nearly every decadent meal on the table. Add Duck fat, pig fat, beef, lamb or baked chicken. I cannot think of a dinner this beer wouldn’t work with.

Matter of fact... Bacon! That Is All!


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