Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrate Kahuna Style

Happy 4th of July Peeps!

Today is a great day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing!

It's a great time to celebrate our independence from the British, set off some fireworks, drink some craft beers and enjoy friends and family!

This is also a dangerous time, so do the fireworks and crazy cannonballs off the diving board before you imbibe in a bunch of craft beers! I don't want to hear about anyone getting hurt!

We ate our test batch of Pork Butt yesterday and watched some fireworks, tonight I will be rubbing three more butts for a party on Saturday, so we will be eating well and celebrating for days to come! Just be careful!

Have a great day, a great weekend and some great beer!




RumShopRyan said...

Cheers man! Enjoy your holiday!

Charles Hoffman said...

Cheers my friend! Hope you had a great day at the beach bars!

The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
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