Thursday, July 25, 2013

GABF Tickets

From October 10-12, nearly 50,000 beer lovers will convene in Denver for the 32nd annual Great American Beer Festival® (GABF). GABF is America’s premier beer festival and competition, and an opportunity to toast the world’s most diverse brewing nation.

This is the one event where world famous (and World Class) brewers, gather behind the table to bring their products to the people!

If Sam or Vinnie has never poured you a beer, you need tickets to GABF!  

Tickets will be available for purchase to the general public online on Wednesday, July 31 at 10 a.m. MT/12 p.m. ET via

Tickets didn't last more than a few hours last year, so don't be late, and don't forget to have a backup internet connection... just in case!

If you don't know about the GABF, or you're just looking to ramp up your nerves, you should check out some of our coverage from past years Here:

So let's hear it.... Who's going this year? 


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The adventure never stops
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