Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Papadeaux (Part 2)

The main Course!

Thanks for checking back in!
As you saw from our post on Saturday, the drinks and appetizers at Papadeaux left me less than impressed, with the only real highlight being the fried calamari.

Now we should move along to the main course.

We don’t eat at Papadeaux very often, as it’s a fairly expensive proposition. Especially when we take our two kids. The menu is expansive to say the least, so if you are like us, you will want to take a few minutes and really consider your choices.

There is plenty of fried seafood, steaks, pasta and then you get to my favorite... The grilled seafood.

I have somewhat of a philosophy about food. It shouldn’t be covered with flavoring.

Take Catfish for example. It’s nasty! If you cover it in spicy enough breading, it’s pretty good. But for my money, if it comes out of the ocean, I want to taste the food... Not the bread! So I gravitate to non-breaded seafood selections.

I finally opted for the “Gulf Coast Redfish” and Kahuna’s Chick decided to have the Caribbean Lobster and Filet.

Who knew... Papadeaux’s Seafood Kitchen may be one of the better steak houses in the Denver area!

The Filet was beautifully cooked, amazingly tasty and huge!

The Caribbean Lobster was tender and tasty, but for some reason, it was STUCK in it’s shell! Like to a point that it took both of us to get the little hunk of meat tore away from the shell. That’s new to me.  I’ve never had a lobster stick like that, but I guess the delectable flavor made up for the inconvenience.

Presentation was spectacular for the dish. Piled high with fried onion strings and vibrant colors had your mouth watering before a bite was taken.

The red fish, AKA Red Drum, came covered in fresh spinach leaves and lobster claw meat topped with a brown butter wine sauce. The filet was served atop a huge mound of risotto.

Bad to good: I would think that after how many seasons of Hell’s Kitchen, watching Chef Ramsay scream and yell about the risotto, nobody would EVER work in a restaurant that couldn’t make a good risotto!

I was wrong!

There was so much seasoning in the risotto that it quite literally cleared your sinuses. Over seasoned, over salted, over the top! NOT GOOD AT ALL!

Take a bite of the red fish, with a little leaf of spinach and a bit of lobster... BAM! You’re sitting sea-side with a cool breeze in your face and sand in your swim suit.

Honestly, the best bite of food I’ve had since we were at Coco Blue in St. Thomas in January! Just amazing! (However I did shed a little tear wishing I had some good Risotto to chow on.)

The risotto wasn’t really needed as the hunk of fish was HUGE and more than sufficient to fill my Kahuna Size appetite!

Both kids had fried shrimp that was more than acceptable, and the boy had a piece of Tilapia in his basket that was pretty good for what I consider to be fresh water trash fish. (Actually, it was damn fine!)

Overall, the meal was 10X Better than our last $100 meal, but Papadeaux is certainly suffering from some consistency issues.

I can say that I will certainly recommend the restaurant, but I would like to see a few improvements for the price point.

As for full disclosure, our bill was $168 for 4 people and 5 bar drinks. I couldn’t find fault with the meal if it was $85, but I just left wishing it would have been a bit better... Even if it is still one of the best that the Denver area has to offer!

If you have any Denver area restaurants that you have an opinion on, we are always looking for suggestions! Also if you have any that you would like to see us review, let us know!


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