Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ready for Key West 2013

Ready to travel!

Nothing new there! I am always ready to see new things and eat new foods, but I’m especially excited to get back to Key West this year!

Key West is one of those special little places where you can always find something new. Be it a new bar, a new restaurant or simply a piece of architecture that hasn’t caught your eye before.

The history of Key West is strange, exciting and full of twists and turns. I have never read a history book that reads like a murder mystery / romance novel... But Key West is exactly that!

From the haunted buildings and cemetery tours to having drinks at Captain Tony’s, the town is full of excitement. Captain Tony’s is in the building that housed the town’s mortuary for years, and the tree that grows through the middle of the bar (and out the roof) was used as the town’s gallows before that. Add the fact that Jimmy Buffett scrawled his idea for “Last Mango in Paris” on the wall in the men’s room, and you’ve got a genuine Key West experience in one building!

As excited as I am to see my blogging friends RumshopRyan, Carl and Shawn from Conch Republic Bikini and Coastlines and Tan lines, and others that will show up, I am building a list of things to do and see in Key West!

Conch Salad is one of my favorite foods on this planet, what better place to have some than in the Conch Republic?

Places like Rum Bar to see +Bahama Bob Leonard , Sloppy Joe’s, Smokin' Tuna, Schooner’s Wharf, Irish Kevin’s and Willie T’s are a given. But I want to hit some of the places that are more.... “Me.”

Kelly’s is the nation’s southernmost brewery, and located in the original building where Pan Am Airlines was founded! They make a fair beer. I’ll be going back there!

Hurricane Hole is on my list, A&B Lobster House, the Shipwreck Museum, the Cuban Coffee shop, World of Beer , Latitudes Beach Cafe, Conch Republic Seafood, Blue Heaven, Garden of Eden, B.O.‘s Fish Wagon, Half Shell Raw Bar, Mr. Z’s Pizza, The Conch Shack and Smathers Beach.... All on the list!

Unfortunately.... We are there for a total of 9 meals, and that is assuming we get to eat on Thursday night! There is no way it’s even possible to do all that I want to do in Key West, but we keep trying!

It’s not a sad thing when you miss something in Key West, it’s just an opportunity to come back and check it out next time!

I guess that’s why I always figure I’m just on a journey back to Key West!

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