Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Beers

Are you a fan of holiday beers? We certainly are! But what to serve your guests? The options can be a bit overwhelming!

Fortunately, the folks at have compiled a list of beers that you can serve with pride and confidence at your Thanksgiving feast.

The following is a preview of a great article by Andy Skelton  focusing on Thanksgiving beers, see the rest at

Thanksgiving Craft Beer Shopping List

By Andy Skelton
Thanksgiving Craft Beer Shopping ListThe feast is the pinnacle of Thanksgiving, but this year I urge you to share your focus with the amazing additions your favorite craft beers can bring to the dinner table. Beer can both satisfy and accentuate every dish on your holiday table better than any other beverage. It’s also perfect for toasting and sharing amongst family and friends.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, ask your guests to bring a growler, a couple of bombers or a six-pack of their favorite beers to pass around the table with family and friends. Beers from around the country will unite at the table in the same way as your visitors and family.

Here are a few style suggestions that will pair nicely with common Thanksgiving day dishes. These beers will help open the eyes of guests that might not be aware of the beautiful beverage of craft beer.


Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkins seem to go hand-in-hand with fall, and it just so happens that pumpkin ales are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. They’re the essence of the season captured in a bottle, complete with a dark autumn hue. Some pumpkin ales have a rich pumpkin flavor, while others focus on the spices often found in pumpkin pie like nutmeg and all-spice.

A pumpkin ale is a great beer to crack open before the meal. The spices in heartier versions can be overpowering for dinner, so it’s best to enjoy them while the rest of the company shuffles in. If you prefer to have a pumpkin ale while at the table, I suggest having it alongside a slice of actual pumpkin pie. Depending on the particular bottle, the beer might compliment the spices of the pie, or lessen the sweetness if the beer has a relatively high ABV.
Here are a couple of my favorite pumpkin ales:

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