Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014: Palm trees and a stiff breeze!

Starting off 2014 with palm trees and a stiff breeze!

I must admit that 2014 is off to a nice start!

The year started with our son stumbling out of his room with 12 seconds left on the ball drop! He made it to the living room just in time to share a nice hug with me and Kahuna’s chick! Then the all-important kiss! It’s kinda like a tradition between me and Kahuna’s Chick!

Safe and easy beach access for kids of all ages!
 Even my first beer of the new year was excellent! I had just poured a Mephistopheles stout that has been sitting in the cellar since 2009! Hard to beat starting a new year with an old beer!

Add a quick 4 hour flight, 2 hours of driving and we found ourselves transported to an island style paradise known as Islamorada!

If you are not familiar with the florida keys, it’s a chain of extra small islands between Key Largo

Rooms are modern and tropical
and Key West. US Highway 1, AKA A1A links them together and is the reason that rental car companies offer convertibles!

We stayed at the Postcard Inn on Holiday Isle, and that’s going to be the focus of this post.

Lunch at the Raw Bar! Gotta have a dozen!
 The Postcard Inn is a mostly renovated property with some great attractions at the resort! There are five bars located on the property.

From Shula’s 2, the sports bar, to the Rum Runner where Zac Brown shot the video for Jump Right In,  A RAW bar and a tiki bar, you’re sure to find something for your island soul.

A “500 foot view” of the property would have you believe that it is a rocking 5-star property ready for anything you can ask! The buildings are clean and nicely landscaped with palm trees, sand and a scattering of sunshine!

Photo for the next OluKai magazine ad?
Reality is a little different, but it’s still a nice spot on a beautiful piece of land!

We had no complaints after we got towels, but that was an issue. With 4 people in our room, we were blessed with one set of towels the first day and three the next. It took several trips and phone calls to the front desk to rectify the situation, but we eventually got it worked out.

I know this seems like a trivial issue, but vacations are very expensive, and you don’t want to waste precious minutes fussing over how you are going to clean up for dinner! Unfortunately, I had time to calculate a cost of $0.86 per minute while I was waiting.

A quick check of the popular online travel review sites shows that we are not unique and the resort could definitely benefit from the purchase of some linens and a better laundry facility.

Waterfront views can't be beat
The other thing you will see, is a lot of complaints about the bathrooms in the rooms. They are a little outdated, but mostly functional. The resort seems to be a victim of a vicious housekeeper. That is to say the bath tubs are scratched to holy crap! I would say that they were likely damaged by a clueless or vindictive housekeeper that either didn’t know better or was retaliating against the boss man! They are functional and clean, just not very pretty to look at!

One thing I LOVED about the Postcard is the layout of the resort. Even with the resort booked solid, we often found ourselves feeling very secluded. Their extremely strict policy of no outside guests at the pool or on the beach leaves plenty of room for guests to relax in comfort without other travelers crawling down your neck when you leave your beach chair!

With our pals from Coastlines and Tan Lines, RumShop Ryan and Carl from the Hemingway Rum Company all headed down to see us, I did have to do a bit of talking to work out a way to have cocktails at the pool, but they were willing to accommodate us.  We had no issues with Tammy coming in to hang at Rum Runner and the Raw Bar with us!

The onsite activities include jet ski rental, including out island guided tours. Stand up Paddle Boards, boat tours, snorkel gear and a marina with fishing charters available. There are two pools on site, one of which is right on the ocean and heated like a cool hot tub. Both of which are open 24 hours! That’s a big deal when you have kids like ours that want to swim at 9:30 until well after 11 or 12!

If you are looking for Island Adventure, food and beer or cocktails,  you’re going to find everything you need! The “night-life” is great, altho fairly “low key” and that’s hard to find in the “Upper Keys!”

All in all, we had a great family vacation at the Postcard and were very happy to have some good friends come and visit while we were there. We just want to pre-order some warmer weather for our next trip down.

Of course, more time is always on the "to do" list for us! There were still friends of ours that were hanging in the keys that we didn't get to meet up with!

We did rent jet skis, but we wanted to rent a boat for half a day. It just seems fitting in a place surrounded by water that you would want to see it FROM the water!  Unfortunately, due to winds, clouds, rain and cool temps,  we were unable to hit this option up for this trip! But I'm not worried!

Both Kahuna's Chick and the kids loved the location and the trip was fairly easy! I cannot imagine that this is our last trip to the keys, and likely not the last one of this year! Maybe next time we will have to get a winning lotto ticket and charter a jet to bring some or our other peeps down to enjoy it with us!

Amazing sunrises at the Postcard Inn!
If you are lucky enough to be planning a vacation, I would say that the Postcard should be on your short list of places to go! It is definitely worth considering for either a family or couples getaway!



RumShopRyan said...

Great write up buddy! Great to see you guys again!

Ana @ CuracaoRentalHomes said...

Have you ever thought about starting a new year in a different location? The Caribbean islands are not far from Florida, you might give it a shot sometime. If you are a surf fan or you simply want to enjoy the sun and the breeze, Curacao is an amazing place where you can have fun and relax!

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The adventure never stops
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