Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Means to an end

It's no secret that I hate blogging from the iPad, but since I was stuck on a flight from Charlotte and Tampa, I have no choice.

First, I want to publicly thank US Airways for their world class gate agents. And it's a good thing they have such great gate agents, because the idiot that checked us in in Denver last night made it nearly impossible to get our seats even remotely close together! Kinda important when traveling with children!

Even with this flight having 10 empty seats, they have the second largest guy on the plane sitting next to me, I am the largest! Lol! Good thing weight and balance is pretty forgiving on an A320!

Then there is the deaf mute with African sleeping sickness that has the window seat. I put my ear phones in, I can her her music pounding over my Jimmy Buffett, so I assume she is deaf...or soon will be!

When she walked up to the row, where most people would say something like, "excuse me, that one is my seat," she waved her hands franticly, grunted and mumbled as she stumbled in her fashion wedge sandals and fell into her seat, pulling the window shades down as she sat, buckled up and immediately went to sleep. So I assume she has African sleeping sickness.

Fortunately, I get to fly a few times per year, , so it's not the end of the world, but still, I paid for this seat, you're just passed out, open the damn window!

So well, what can I say, I love long as I get to be PIC or at least get to sit with my wife, but is the means to an end!

Well, we are gonna be landing in about 15 min, and then we'll be looking for some beach action to bring to you!

To heck with my old schedule of posting, I'll post when I have more funny news, brews or beaches to share.....


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