Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pot, sunshine and the jailer

Get your high from the sunshine and beaches!

Many of us love the Caribbean Islands. We travel to them whenever possible, and take in the unbelievable sights, sounds and flavors of the islands.

One thing that may seem alluring to the uninitiated traveler is the unmistakable smell of the herbs floating on the breeze.

Can you smell that? Cruz Bay.
Yes, I’m talking about marijuana... Weed... Pot.... Yup, that stuff.

We’ve all seen the movies like Club Paradise, where the two dorks spend the entire movie trying to score some weed and get the attention of the ladies, and I suppose that movies and books, mixed with a heavy hit of reality can lead people to think that the Caribbean is a good place to soak in some rays and smoke a spliff with the locals.

While weed is very popular in parts of the Caribbean, it is NOT legal, and is more of a detriment to certain areas than it has potential to benefit. There are a few islands where you may not go to jail for smoking weed, but a big’ol fine and wasting part of your vacation talking to the local cops seems like a poor way to go about getting high.

Most of us who travel the lower latitudes have seen plenty of this stuff, and it provides some level of entertainment. There is an obvious difference between the grey bearded Jamaican pumping some smooth reggae with his guitar toking a little ganja and sipping a Red Stripe on the beach and the two frat boys in the corner giggling like Bill and Ted while stuffing a bag of Doritos down their throat.

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Being from Colorado, we see many the benefits as well as the problems associated with the marijuana industry becoming legal. But at least here, it really is legal, and as long as you follow a few simple rules, you’re not going to get a fine or harassment by law enforcement.

Colorado has mounted a $5million education campaign for helping people to understand the basics of the new laws. Basically: possession of 1 oz or less, buying limit is 1/4 oz (7 Grams) for non residents, DO NOT try to take it out of the state, and don’t smoke it in public.

Heck, there are even tour companies providing everything from transportation to room accommodations for your weed tour of the green state. This may be a benefit to keeping you legal while your common sense goes up in smoke.

But if you are headed to the Caribbean, or any vacation destination for that matter, I’d certainly recommend sticking to legal activities. I’m not sure about you, but even as an avid and eager traveler, two things that I’m NOT interested in seeing is the inside of an Island Hospital, or a Mexican jail!

I’m not sure that any of the “Rastas” would have any reason to try and hurt an American traveler by selling them bad weed, but you know darn good and well it’s not going to be pure blend of bodacious buds you see on TV.

We know some people who began the year on a cruise, and one of the people on their boat got taken to jail in Jamaica for trying to bring her little bag of Kush back on the boat. What a waste!
Vacations are expensive, and you want to make the most of them.

If you want my advise, I’d say that if you find yourself in the Caribbean and need something other than a rum punch, or a Caribbean lager, Look for a nice hand-rolled cigar. Skip the Purple Skunk Berry and the Super Tsunami... At least until summer time when you can plan your escape from reality and hit Colorado for some Colorado Green Bud or Sour Diesel.

A friend of ours admittedly beat us to the bong on the subject, and you should read his article HERE

~Cheers everyone, stay safe!

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