Friday, January 9, 2015

So, You’ve decided to stop being a girl and grow a beard?

No disrespect intended to the ladies with beards.... But if you’re a guy, you should have some whiskers... At least on occasion.

For those who choose to grow (And are genetically able to grow) the “Epic” beards, we salute you!
Growing up, I went to a high school that didn’t allow any facial hair... PERIOD! It seems like I was sent home to shave about once per week during my entire Junior and Senior years. Since I graduated high school (Yes... I did graduate) I’ve been “clean shaven” exactly TWICE! That’s an average of once every 10 years... And it only lasted for a day before the regrowth began.

 I don’t always sport a huge mess of whiskers sprouting from my chin, but I am certainly a goatee type of guy. I’ve let the cheeks go a few times, but with my German-Irish breeding, I tend to grow whiskers nearly to my eye sockets and trimming ends up being the death of my full beard.

For those that are still with me here, we can all be honest and admit that whiskers can get out of hand relatively quickly, and that’s why I want to talk about beard oil.

I was introduced to the Bearded Bastard on Instagram by complete accident, yet I am glad that it happened!

Years of my life have been spend shopping the shelves at Walgreens looking for conditioners and ways to keep the whiskers in check. I have found that products intended for afro hair work best on my chin, and I’ve discovered a deep appreciation for Shea Butter... But noting compares to a real live beard oil.

The Bearded Bastard has a complete line of products for the beardsman that range from beard oil to mustache wax and even a few lines of cologne.... We avoid the term “Aftershave” around here!
Mustache wax was a tough leap for me, as I grew up with a bunch of old cowboys that always had waxy nasty looking whiskers curled up to each side. They often looked stiff enough to poke a hole in their can of Copenhagen.

Unless you have a jar of R.E. Byrd or Woodsman beard oil, you don’t really know the scent of manhood.

The oils from The Bearded Bastard leave your chin-mop feeling soft and healthy, and make stray hairs a thing of the past. The scent will keep the ladies on your good side and every beardsman you meet will nod in approval as you walk down the street.

In my tradition of no Bull Shit, I will say that I paid for these products, and was not offered any concessions for my endorsement of The Bearded Bastard. I simply found a great product and as usual, wanted to share it with you.

Should you dare, post a pick of your whiskers and tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to see whats growing!

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