Monday, February 9, 2015

To Skate on Thin Ice

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I have to admit that I tend to have some eccentric qualities that some people may find difficult to deal with.

My attention span only has two levels, on or off.

When something grabs my attention, it gets my full attention for a period of time, but when I lose interest it drops to absolute zero! This often makes it difficult for me to "get into a book." And even those that I do dig, I often drop in short order.

I cannot tell you the last book I read that wasn't a Caribbean themed adventure / mystery... Until last week.

This up and coming author has completed his novella called "to skate on thin ice" by Jack Terry.
The novella is available in PDF for free just by CLICKING HERE. You can download the book, read it online, or take it to your iPad or Kindle.

Author Jack Terry
To skate on thin ice is a story of a pop star determined to live in the country with the love of her life while trying to make plans to scale back a hectic music career.

There is no murder, no steamy sex scenes (Thanks Jack!) and not a palm tree to be found.

I once thought these to be prerequisites for interesting reading, Terry has proven that theory wrong.

An easy reading story of faith and love comes together in surprising fashion and contains a good bit of reflection on life and love.

The story is short, and presumably a primer for a full novel.  It is anything but a time commitment. Reading a few pages per night on one of the busiest weeks in recent memory, I was able to finish it in less than a week. A few hours on Sunday would also do the trick.

I see great things coming from this author, even if it may take me some time to get through a longer novel, so if you are a reader, and if books make you happy, I'd certainly suggest that you hop on board with this boat before it sails.

Thanks for checking in, and have a great week!


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