Thursday, June 25, 2015

Big Solution to canning craft beer.

I guess that not everyone is following, so I thought I'd share this article by Andy  Sparkawk.
As always, Alaskans find a way to survive! Check it out!

Alaska’s HooDoo Brewing Finds Big Solution to Small Problem

By Andy Sparhawk
It’s summer—the best time of year to get outside. As craft beer enthusiasts though, we want to take our favorite craft beers with us. Unfortunately—but with good reason—many outdoor destinations do not allow glass. And for those of us who seek out the less traveled areas of the world, weight plays a big factor into how much beer you’re able to pack. In a state as ruggedly beautiful as Alaska, it makes sense that Fairbanks’ HooDoo Brewing Co. recently decided to can their German-style Kolsch.

“We are pleased to announce that our German K├Âlsch will now be available in cans, our first canned offering!” Hoodoo reported in their blog post “HooDoo Brewing Co. Brings Its Craft To Cans.”
Brewmaster and Owner Bobby Wilken is looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy his beer deep within the Alaskan wilderness, “I actually get goosebumps thinking about being in the middle of nowhere, up river, with a super fresh beer in my hand.”

Though aluminum packaging will aid Bobby in keeping his pack weight down, as well as the transportation costs to ship the lighter cans, the expense of simply purchasing the cans is the largest obstacle, not only for HooDoo, but for any small brewer looking to offer cans.

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