Monday, July 20, 2015

A brew pub in the mountains

We hope you caught the back story of how we ended up at Eddy Line Restaurant, if not, check it out HERE.

Back to the story, we landed in Buena Vista after ignoring Siri for a while and making her redraw our map a few extra times.

Now, the good, the bad and the Ugly, in reverse order, of Eddy Line Restaurant.

First, the ugly.
The staff was sporting a hectic scowl. I don't know if they were just busy and over worked (This happens to restaurant servers) or if there was a dragon master in the back who whipped each of them as they carried food out, but I never did see one of them smile. I will say that the service was sufficient and the staff was pleasant to the customers.

The bad: you think there is no parking (See the good for rebuttal to that). Half of the men’s bathroom was out of order. This is not a good thing in a place that is packed and serving their own beer.
The forks only have 3-prongs! I know this seems like an odd complaint, but how irritating. I understand it’s trendy and all, but if you’re eating pasta or salad, a smaller fork with 4 prongs is preferable. This was like eating with Satan's scepter.

They go as far as to brag that their beef is “grass fed.” I know this makes a lot of you hippies, greenies, granolas, tree huggers and cardiac patients happy. (That pretty much covers everyone here, right?) As for me, someone who really enjoys food and lives on a cattle ranch, it tells me that it’s not going to taste right. If you like grass fed beef, you are in luck, if you like choice or prime beef... There’s plenty on the menu to choose from. You don’t need a steak or burger at every meal!
The good, in short: The Food and the Beer!

I could leave it at that and figure it to be a complete statement, but I have to rave about a few things. First, start your meal with Green Chili Fries. Cheddar cheese and New Mexico green chili’s are mixed together in a rich and decadent sauce that will make you think, “Poutine” without the meat... But you can add pulled pork to the appetizer if you’d like.

I would say that every meal should start with a house salad, or choose this as your side dish. It is served with their  own balsamic vinaigrette. Three large tomato slices and a healthy grind of fresh Parmesan set this salad up for greatness, add the dressing and it becomes a happy little start to the meal.

If you have a picky eater, the old standard of Alfredo is not the best option here. The Alfredo has roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, Parmesan, spinach and Fresh parsley. This can be had over linguini or quinoa. This is a grown up version of the most generic of meals and should satisfy even the heartiest of adventuring appetites.

If you don’t know by now, my wife has a serious addiction to white pizza. If she sees it, she has to have it!

The wood fired White Water Pizza with Spinach, chicken and Alfredo sauce is one of the best she’s ever ordered. The cheese pizza that the boy ordered was also a wonderful pie, cooked to perfection and well balanced mix of sauce and cheese.

Last but not least, check out the Cuban sandwich.

Another derivation of a classic. In-house smoked pulled pork, spiced up with red chile sauce, thin-sliced prosciutto, pickles, stone ground mustard, Swiss and cheddar cheese on a house baked focaccia bread. The Southwest flair works well, and again, it is a fresh take on an old classic.

I promised a tip on parking, go one block south of the restaurant and park with the river rafters. It’s a big open dirt lot and offers a nice relief from the tiny narrow streets around the restaurant.

If you happen to find yourself wandering the mountains of Colorado and end up at this beautiful little restaurant along the river, stop in and have a bite and a pint. You won’t be sorry.


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