Sunday, July 19, 2015

Unexpected trip.

Last weekend, we took a quick trip to the lake with the family.We had a day on the boat, then planned on heading home on Saturday. But you can’t just “Go home” can you?

We had a great time out on the water and even got to see a Sage 17 sail boat at the dock. I will write about these one day!
What started out as a quick detour to check out a road we saw from the boat turned into a 340 mile long detour on our trip home. Now that is #KahunaStyle.

We traveled west on Highway 96 from Pueblo Reservoir for a few miles before SWMBO said, I’d like to go see Westcliffe. I said, okay, and we kept rolling west. Just before we got there, we stopped for fuel and the kids grabbed a few snacks.  The town was incredibly busy due to the fair and rodeo being held that weekend, and there were no dining options that looked viable.

SWMBO joked that the kids had just eaten a snack and we should head north and eat at a brewery she had found online a few days before our trip.

Using the free WiFi the town provides along Main Street, we checked the map and not but a few minutes later, we were headed up Highway 69 toward Texas Creek.

When we hit US 50, a decision had to be made. We could go left and travel a few hundred more miles out of our way, or we could go right and end up back where we came from.

 I turned left!

Highway 50 to Poncha Springs, Highway 285 north to Buena Vista. After a short battle with Siri we arrived at 926 S Main Buena Vista, Colorado. A little restaurant called Eddy Line Restaurant @ South Main.

With a little more than 150 miles on the afternoon, including the 20 miles we traveled off road around the lake, we were looking forward to a beer and some food! Especially since we are still almost 190 miles from home

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you about this little brew pub in a Colorado Mountain town!


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The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
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