Thursday, September 10, 2015

Man Can secures patent

We know that not everyone can grow a big ass manly beard, either due to genetics or obligations to your job (or wife) it's just not for everyone.

Fortunately, MANCAN is doing their part to secure man card!
Their new patent ensures that you will have the genuine article when you go looking for a growler to carry a gallon of brew back to the man cave.

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ManCan patent secures position as next generation growler
Denver (September 10, 2014): ManCan Universe LLC, the leader in stainless steel growler alternatives, announced today they were granted U.S. Patent D735,436 and U.S. Trademark SN 86-555,740 by the US Patent and Trademark Office ,and still pending U.S. Patent Application Numbers: 14/075,563 , 14/705,204 , 14/465,965 , 29/471,710 and copyrights. The patent, Trademark and patent pending applications and copyrights cover everything in the ManCan’s product line and protects the company’s offerings in the ever-growing craft beer industry.

The patented ManCan design is changing the way people drink craft beer at home and on the go. The newly patented technology holds carbonation pressure, locks out air, and keeps beer brewery-fresh much longer than any counterpart. Recently, the ManCan 128, a full 128oz container that fits in the door of your fridge, launched on Kickstarter and was fully funded within a week after the campaign began. The Original 64oz keg-style growler has been on the market for over three years and has become a popular alternative to the traditional growler.

The ManCan 128 was designed to transport craft beer and preserve the beer to the standard and quality the brewer intended. Other than for craft beer, the ManCan can be used to serve a number of different beverages including wine, mixed cocktails, coffee, tea, and kombucha. The ManCan 128 has a full CO2 pressure regulator that keeps beer brewery-fresh for the life of the beer, and will connect with both CO2 and Nitrogen cartridges, making the ManCan an extremely versatile product. 

“The USPTO’s decision validates all of the hard work I have put into the functionality and design of the ManCan products,” noted Kevin Lehman, Co-Founder and Creator. “I originally designed the ManCan to condition, transport and preserve my homebrew, but with the growing craft beer industry, and the need for superior packaging, I knew that putting my designs on the market would benefit other craft beer enthusiasts.”


John kooper said...

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