Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh, Jamaica!

Many a book have been  penned about my friend and favorite literary character, Buck Reilly! With the release of Maroon Rising, there are now five.

As much as I fancy myself a teller of stories, a chaser of adventures and a man who uses words as my magic, I admit that I have fallen under the spell of John H. Cunningham, as he is a master of all three.
I cannot speak badly of Green to Go, (book 2) Crystal Blue, (book 3) or Second Chance Gold, (book 4) because they are all great, but Maroon was always one of my favorite colors, and Cunningham does seem to have a way with colors! This is my favorite installment since Red Right Return.

I found the search function in kindle to be quite useful because there were a few times when I had to go to look up the places and people in the story. As always, Cunningham is spot on. The meticulous research that goes into each of these books is a big part of what makes them so fascinating to me!
Cunningham had me checking the web for definitions, pronunciation and location of all sorts of places in Jamaica!

Oh, Jamaica... Yes, that is where this story takes us, through Negril, Kingston, Trench Town and more remote locations that you are going to have to map for yourself!

No, Buck isn't a real person, and the stories are all made up, but Cunningham has added a new depth of historical and geographical accuracy to this adventure... Though he is still using a 20 PSI scuba tank!!

That's an inside joke you will understand if you read my review of Book #1, HERE.

After five books of Buck's antics, I hope that Cunningham doesn't ever run out of colors!

In Maroon Rising, we travel through the Blue Mountains, up the hills and down the valleys, we travel by truck, jeep, 4-wheeler and along the coast, by boat and the beast, Riley's Grumman Widgeon.

We see Buck's old lady, the Goose, and a woman he used to know. We rub elbows with the educational elite and the latest treasure hunting groups of gold fever inflicted macho men and thugs.
Buck narrowly escapes death and dismemberment.... At least for now, and we have a front seat view of it all!

Because I’m the Kahuna, and I like to make things easy for you, click HERE to pick up your copy! Also, because I am the Kahuna, and everyone needs a new party song, Check out the song from the book entitled Rum Punch by Thom Shepherd! I think you’ll like it!

As always, I'm giving you the No BS Kahuna disclaimer and guarantee: This book was provided to me by the author, but I wrote the review of my own opinions. Don't believe me? Buy the book and see for your self!

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The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
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