Sunday, November 8, 2015

Oh Snap!

Well, would you look at that!

My Daughter talked me into snap chat!

At first, I saw absolutely no use for this app, and I still think it’s probably relatively limited, but I have thought of a way to make it interesting.

I have one fairly unique talent. I can make decisions. Right or wrong, based on fact, fiction, situation or personal preference, I’m always quick to make a decision.

So, If you ever think to yourself, What Would Kahuna Do (WWKD?) I have a solution:
Add me on snap chat and send me your decisions.

Confusing wine list? I’ll help you pick.

Need help figuring out what beer to choose off the menu? I can do that!

Standing in front of the rum section at the liquor store and can’t figure out if you want the Abuelo or the Bacardi Silver? Yup... Send me a pick and I’ll help you!

Having a hard time deciding if you want the Ahi Poke or the Swordfish.... Heck, even if you can’t decide between the Big Mac or the Quarter-pounder with Cheese... I’ve got an opinion and I’m not afraid to share.

Take the advice, leave the advice, but at least you’ll know what I would choose.

Of course, we welcome other snaps too. If you follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you know I dig a whole lot of different stuff! So feel free to share away! 

Scan the code above and let’s see what you’ve got!

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