Sunday, December 27, 2015

Time to help out!

Using what you have.

As we clean out the closets, wipe down the desks, set up the new technology and watch streaming movies... We are distracted by the news of a catastrophic EF-3 Tornado in Rowlett TX.

We had a big tornado back in the ‘90s that ravaged our local community, so we know exactly how devastating these events are.

As a newly licensed Ham Radio Technician, I spent some time on the radio Sunday evening. I was talking with folks in the Dallas, Garland and Wylie areas of TX. They indicated a much larger area of damage than the nightly news is reporting. As usual, the news is focusing on the most severe areas and ignoring the wide-spread damage.

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Even more storms were rolling in as I signed off of their Ham Network, hopefully they all stayed rain and thunderstorms.

As I’ve done before, and as I will do again, I’m asking all of our friends and family to buy these people a beer!

Take the $10 bill you would use to head down to your local pub and have a brew and donate it to the Red Cross!

We are packing up boxes of the stuff we have collected as we pair down after the holiday, and we will be sending it off to help those in need.

I will also be sending a cash donation, as the need seems to revolve around baby cloths in the Rowlett area, and we just don’t have those any more.


I know that the people who visit are good people, and I know you will all do what you can. Even if you can’t spare the cost of a beer or cocktail, I know that you will send good wishes, prayers, vibes and any other sort of well wishes to the people who had a really suck Christmas weekend.

Thanks to everyone who tries to help!

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