Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vacation of a lifetime!

Want to get out on the water without going on a cattleboat cruise with 3,000 people you will never know?

I've got your solution! Cruise with Rum Shop Ryan!

Check these dates out! Great times and new friends are just over the horizon, book now and LOOK at the possibility of the Cuba trip! WOW!

Check out more information and cruise dates at RumshopRyan.com!

Let me know if you plan one of these trips!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Redeeming Breeze

Who lives on a boat and writes books for his dinner?
Ed Robinson, that's who.

Redeeming Breeze is the newest book (Until the next one comes out in a few weeks) in a series by Ed Robinson.
This book is an easy read, entertaining and available in paperback and on Kindle.

I always try and let you all know when I find a book worth the time it takes to read, and let's face it, it takes me forever to read a book. This one is certainly #KanunaApproved.

With tales of scandalous lawyers,  Russian Mafia, sail boats and swanky resorts in the Cayman Islands, this book has a pretty solid grasp on my attention from the first page.

As a matter of fact, I recommend all of Robinson's books, beginning with Leap of Faith,  Quit your Job and Live on a boat! Some are stories of fiction, some are stories based on real life and some are like life's instruction manual. I think you'll like all of them!

Robinson is a regular guy who did what we all dream of doing. Check out his books on Amazon and his blog HERE.
You can also keep up on Facebook.

If you like boats, rum drinks, adventure and inspiration, you will love this series!

As always, the No BS guarantee: This was not requested, not paid for and not anything but my opinion!

Have a great week my friends!


The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
with the Buck Reilly series