About Big Kahuna

What the heck are you seeing here?
“Big Kahuna Brew? Sounds like Hawaiian Beer or something...” I hear it all the time.

And no, I’m not from Hawaii. I was born and raised in Eastern Colorado. But somehow, like a fish fossil in the desert, there is this odd connection to the sea. The ocean calls to me day and night.

Craft Beer has been a passion of mine for years, and Homebrewing came before that.

The day I turned 21 I bought my first homebrew kit, started a batch of beer and THEN went out and bought some beer for drinking. It’s just been like that for me. I truly believe that there is a beer out there for everyone.

You could almost call this a "Gonzo" style report of the life I lead. I write about Craft Beer, Rum, Travel, Food, Entertainment... actually, just about anything I’m doing at the time that I think someone might be interested in reading about.

I find inspiration in novels, authors and songwriters. Jimmy Buffett sings the songs that are the anthems to my life. We relax, we enjoy and we cherish every moment.

I DO NOT review beer or rum. I think that there are plenty of people doing that. I’ll share anything I’ve got with you, and I will never feed you a line of bull shit. I call it like I see it, but I don’t see it as a review.

If you stick around long enough, I’m sure I'll write something you’ll enjoy.

So Grab a drink, maybe a good cigar and kick on some tunes. Pick some Trop-Rock, Jazz or a little Caribbean steel pan music and let’s see what we can explore together shall we?

I believe that life is too short to waste and too long not to enjoy.


The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
with the Buck Reilly series